The house and stage of the Rene M. Caisse Memorial Theatre

The Bracebridge Rotary Club, in collaboration with HUB Productions and Theatre Muskoka, will present a production of Billy Elliot The Musical (BETM) from February 22 to March 2, 2024 at The Rene Caisse Memorial Theatre in Bracebridge, Ontario Canada. Bracebridge is about a two hour drive (115 miles) north of Toronto.

The Rene M. Caisse Memorial Theatre seats up to 298 people and is designed to create an intimate and personal experience between the audience and those on stage. Its operation and management is provided by the Bracebridge Arts Council (BAC), which is a not-for-profit charity community organization whose goal is to nurture, stimulate and enhance the enjoyment and understanding of the performing arts.

The theatre opened in 2007 and is located within a modern complex that also houses Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School and the Bracebridge Sports and Recreation Complex.

Billy Elliot The Musical

Auditions for BETM were held from October 12-14, 2023. Three months of rehearsals for the show began shortly after the cast was announced in November and continued weekly until the show opened. The weekly schedule for rehearsals looked like this: 1) Most rehearsals were on Sundays for major numbers and scenes.  2) Leads and supporting roles rehearsed on Wednesdays. 3) More specific scene work for primary actor roles happened on the occasional Monday. 

The cast rehearses a number from the show

The production will feature a talented cast of local performers who have been diligently rehearsing under the co-direction of HUB’s Emma Grimstead and Amy Bridle-Phillips and Music Director Emily Bridle, to deliver a performance that captures the essence of Billy Elliot. The collaboration also extends beyond the stage, with various community engagement initiatives planned to create a memorable and inclusive experience for all attendees.

Amy Bridle and her sister Emily go over the script as actors warm up up behind them during a rehearsal for the show

The show’s cast will be led Shannan Pratt, who will star as Billy in his first major role on stage. Shannan shares his talents with a strong cast that’s a mixture of veteran stage performers and, like Shannan, some promising new young and older performers.

To learn more about Shannan Pratt, click on the Billy Profiles button (below) to be taken to his/their detailed profile. 
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To see a complete listing of the rest of the Bracebridge cast, just click on the Cast Information button.

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Note: Some photos in this article compliments of Hub Productions and Muskoka Today.

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