Utilizing a series of charts, information in this article captures basic cast information for all current and past productions of Billy Elliot The Musical. The charts provide the data in an at-a-glance view, for each of the principal roles in the show as well as the Ballet Girls and the Ensemble.

Choose either the “Current” or the “Past” tab: To view information for a particular production, first click on the tab for the area of the world you’re interested in seeing, then on the production location and finally on the appropriate role chart icon.

Current Productions

London (31-Mar-2005 to 9-Apr-2016)

Iceland (4-Mar-2015 to 29-Jan-2016)

Italy (5-May-2015 to 7-Feb-2016)

Greece (16-Oct-2015 to 20-Mar-2016)

North American Regional Productions

Media Theatre, PA (18-Nov-2015 to 10-Jan-2016)