Utilizing a series of charts, information in this article captures basic cast information for all current and past productions of Billy Elliot The Musical. The charts provide the data in an at-a-glance view, for each of the principal roles in the show as well as the Ballet Girls and the Ensemble.

    Choose either the “Current” or the “Past” tab: To view information for a particular production, first click on the tab for the area of the world you’re interested in seeing, then on the production location and finally on the appropriate role chart icon.

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    Current Productions

    London (31-Mar-2005 to 9-Apr-2016)

    Iceland (4-Mar-2015 to 29-Jan-2016) 

    Italy (5-May-2015 to 7-Feb-2016)

    Greece (16-Oct-2015 to 20-Mar-2016)

    North American Regional Productions

    Media Theatre, PA (18-Nov-2015 to 10-Jan-2016)


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