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Last Updated: 14-Apr-2019

A message from the site Administrator:

In 2010, I began writing a profile (bio) for all the Billys in Billy Elliot the Musical (BETM) who were currently in the role at that time (London and Broadway) and then subsequently for each new Billy who debuted after that to the present day — in all professional, North American regional and community theatre productions of the show world-wide.

In August of 2014, I added profiles of the early Billys in London who debuted from 2005 to 2010. To those latter few profiles, I added a section at the end of them called “Post Billy Activities” in which I included information about what the boys have been up to since their Billy days. The hope is that going forward (if the march of new productions and new Billys ever slows) we can gradually add that section to the other past Billys’ profiles.

In August of 2016,’s BETM editor, Emily, researched and wrote profiles for the six Australian Billys who had brought the role to life in Sydney and Melbourne prior to the time I began to write these profiles. So, for the past seven years, these six talented young men had been without a profile here. That’s now been rectified due to Emily’s splendid efforts. These six new profiles also have the section called “Post Billy Activities” which I think you’ll enjoy — catching up with what these talented young men have been up to since they “retired” from playing Billy.

Of course no article about the boys who have played Billy would be complete without singling out the three young men who originated the role in the very first production of this wonderful show. It has been said that it’s the most difficult role ever created for a boy in musical theatre, described by Director Stephen Daldry  as “playing Hamlet while running a marathon”.  We can only imagine what that process had been like with no prior examples to draw from. So kudos to the boys who started it all:

London Production (2005-2016) The Original Three BETM Billys (l-r Liam Mower, George Maguire, James Lomas)
London Production (2005-2016) The Original Three BETM Billys (l-r Liam Mower, George Maguire, James Lomas)

And they set the standard for excellence for all who would follow them.

This page is under continual construction, always being updated as time and new information becomes available and, of course, as new Billys debut.  In total, on this site there are currently profiles for the 267 boys who have starred in one production or another of the musical to date.


So how do I find the profile of a particular Billy on the site?

There are a couple of ways you can access the profiles of each Billy…

Profiles By Location

If you’d like to just see the Billys who appeared in a particular production of BETM, go here and then click on the production for the group of Billys you’d like to see.

Profiles By Last Name

The second way to access Billy profiles on the site is via the table, below, which lists the Billys alphabetically by last name.


Profile Index


This is a listing of all Billy profiles on site.  They are listed in alphabetical order by last name. By clicking on the proper letter tab (below) and then on the name of the Billy below his picture, you’ll be taken to his profile.




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