Meet Billy Elliot: Petros Zampakas

    Note: Petros’s final show as Billy, at the Pallas Theatre in Athens, was on 10-Jan-2016.

    Debut: 18-Oct-2015 (Athens, Greece)

    Total Performances: 25 (No partial shows)

    Thumb100Petros Zampakas is 13-years-old (D.O.B. = 10-Nov-2011) from Athens. He is the eldest and most experienced actor of the three Greek Billys. Upon his debut, Petros became the 112th young actor in the world to play Billy professionally.  Besides Greek, Petros also speaks German and English.

    The Cast of Modern Family
    The Cast of Modern Family

    While his stage experience has been limited to school productions (2012 & 2013) before BETM, Petros has acting experience in front of both film and TV cameras and has also appeared in several TV commercials.

    In 2014, Petros was a regular on the Greek version of the popular TV show, Modern Family. In 2015, he performed in the short film To Kalesma, which has yet to be released at the time of this writing.

    His dance background is varied.  He has studied traditional Greek dance and, since 2012, has studied Modern and Latin Dance under the tutelage of Fotis Metaxopoulos, one of Greece’s most well known and accomplished dancers.


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