Meet Billy Elliot: Eric Backstrøm

    Note:  Eric Backstrøm’s final show as Billy in Billy Elliot the Musical (BETM) in Sandnes, Norway was on Feb 11, 2018.

    Debut: January 25, 2018 (Sandnes, Norway)

    Total Performances as Billy:  10  (No partial shows) 

    Eric Backstrøm is from Oslo and he was 13 years old (d.o.b. = 3-Mar-2004) when he debuted as Billy Elliot at the Sandnes Kulturhus in Sandnes, Norway.  He has many interests including theatre, dance, music, films, playing the piano and singing. 

    Eric has a huge amount of previous performing experience.  His past ventures include:

    • Performed in Oliver at the Oslo Nye Theatre (2012-13)
    • Acted in NRK Super TV’s series MK-X (2014)
    • Appeared in an episode of Supernytt on NRK Super TV, which is a documentary about children and fame (2015)
    • Dubbed the animated series PJ Masks on Disney Junior (2016-17)
    • Appeared in an episode of Samme tid neste år (Same time next year), which follows ordinary people who have an extraordinary goal that they would like to achieve in a year (to be shown in spring 2018)
    • Acted in TV series Zombielars, which premiered in June 2017. In Season 2, which will be shown in 2018, Eric has a supporting role of ‘Herman’, who is half-troll and half-human.

    Eric has been performing in amateur theatre productions since 2007.  His only previous dance experience before auditioning for the role of Billy was break dancing, which he has been doing since 2012. 

    Eric Backstrøm (Billy) practises his flying with Gard Hjertaas Bjørnson (Older Billy)

    After auditioning for BETM, Eric was chosen to train at the Billy School in Oslo, which is where he learned ballet.  Despite his previous break dance experience, Eric found learning ballet very difficult as, in his words, ballet requires more muscles.

    When full rehearsals started for the show Eric had to move from his home in Oslo to Sandnes for the duration of the rehearsal and performing period.  His parents take turns staying with him in Sandnes.

    Eric is passionate about performing and when he is older he wants to be an actor.

    With his debut performance as Billy Elliot on 25-Jan-2018, Eric becomes the 236th actor worldwide to play the role in a professional, regional or community theatre production of the musical.

    Eric Backstrøm is Billy Elliot

    Credit: Production photos on this page are by Sandnes Kulturhus

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