Tuesday, October 22, 2019

    Meet Billy Elliot: Amos Brotherus

    Note: Amos’s last show as Billy at the Helsinki City Theatre in Finland was on 17-Dec-2015.

    Debut: August 25, 2015 (Helsinki, Finland)

    Total Performances: 28  (No partial shows)

    Amos Thumb2Amos Brotherus was 14-years-old upon his debut as Billy. His family includes brothers Robert and Johannes, and sister Elsa. Their mother is dance artist Hanna Brotherus and their dad composer Antti Ikonen. Other than performing, Amos enjoys the trampoline and playing the cello.

    Prior to Billy Elliot The Musical, Amos appeared in several productions of the Finnish National Theatre, including:

    • Waiting For Godot
      Waiting for Godot
      A Tale of Love and Darkness (2014)
    • Frankenstein (2013)
    • A Christmas Carol (2011 & 2012)
    • Waiting for Godot (2011)

    He also provided the voice of Usvasaaren poika in the animated film Rölli ja kaikkien aikojen salaisuus, scheduled for release in 2016.

    Amos has danced in several productions created and produced by his mother, including:

    • Nunnu
    • Nobody Knows


    For more information about Amos, visit:

    Billy Elliot the Forum


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