Meet Billy Elliot: Áron Vizlendvai

    Note: Áron Vizlendvai’s final show as Billy in the Hungarian production of Billy Elliot the Musical (BETM) in Budapest was on September 7, 2018.

    Debut: July 30, 2016 (Budapest, Hungary)

    Total Performances as Billy:  43  (No partial shows) 

    Aron Viz ThumbÁron Vizlendvai was 12 years old (D.O.B. = 31-Jul-2003) when he debuted as Billy in the Hungarian production of BETM at the Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest.

    Áron loves to dance, and at the time when he started performing in BETM he was a second-year student at the Hungarian Dance Academy in Budapest.  He also enjoys watching dance and theatre performances.  He especially enjoyed seeing The Nutcracker at the Opera House, which coincidentally is the same venue that he performed at in BETM during the first season.

    Áron is also a talented gymnast.  He has attended acrobatic and artistic gymnastic classes for more than six years, and he has trained at Zalaerdő TT DSE in Nagykanizsa.  Áron is a three time Hungarian national champion.

    Aron 1
    Áron performing gymnastics

    Credit: Photo by László Vizlendvai

    For Áron, the hardest part of performing as Billy is the singing.  This is because he had never had any formal singing training before he auditioned for the role.

    The director of BETM – Tamás Szirtes – has described Áron as being a delightful, lively and loveable child.

    Áron debuted on 30-Jul-2016, and was the second of the Budapest Billys to do so.  This makes him the 159th actor worldwide to play the role.

    Aron 2 Cropped
    Kamill Kökény Hámori and Áron Vizlendvai (both play the role of Billy) tap dancing

    Credit: Photo by Szűcs Zsuzsa – Viva la Musical!

    The Budapest production of BETM returned to the Erkel Theatre on 29-Jun-2017, and Áron reprised his role as Billy.  He was the only of the three original Billys to do so, and was joined by three new Billys for the second season of the production. 

    In summer 2018 the Budapest production returned once again for its third season.  Áron has continued to lead the production as one of four Billys.

    Áron Vizlendvai is Billy

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