Meet Billy Elliot: John Bailey McAllister

    Note: John’s final show Billy in the Hungarian production of Billy Elliot the Musical (BETM) in Budapest was on September 9, 2016.

    Debut: July 29, 2016 (Budapest, Hungary)

    Total Performances as Billy:  13 (No partial shows) 

    John ThumbJohn Bailey McAllister was 14-years-old when he debuted as Billy in the Hungarian production of BETM at the Hungarian State Opera House in Budapest, Hungary.

    John has been acting from a young age and has done film and television work.  John played the role of Dini in the 2010 film Run to Ground, and the role of Kolos in the 2013 film Coming Out.  He also appeared as Dani in two episodes of the American TV series Tyrant, in 2015.

    One of John’s hobbies is speedcubing.  He competed in the 2016 Hungarian Nationals in Budapest, in the Rubik’s Cube and the 2x2x2 cube categories.

    John 3
    John Bailey McAllister as Billy Elliot

    Tamás Szirtes, the director of the Hungarian production, described John as being a very serious, very reliable young man, and a real gentlemanly character.

    John was the oldest of the three original Budapest Billys, and he was chosen to perform as Billy in the opening night performance on 29-Jul-2016.  This makes John the 157th actor in the world to play the role.

    John 4
    John Bailey McAllister performing “Born to Boogie”

    Credit: Production photos on this page are by Mudra László – Origo

    Here’s a video of a compilation of production photos featuring John as Billy:

    Credit: Video by István Mága

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