Note: Braden Allen King’s final show as Billy in the Anchorage Concert Association’s production of Billy Elliot the Musical (BETM) in Anchorage, Alaska was on February 19, 2017.

Debut: November 4, 2016 (Deal Park, NJ)  February 14, 2017 (Anchorage, AK)

Total Performances as Billy:  15  (Deal Park, NJ = 7)  (Anchorage, AK = 8)  No partial shows


Braden Allen King was 13-years-old (D.O.B. = 23-Sep-2003) when he debuted as Billy in the Axelrod Performing Arts Center (PAC) production of BETM in Deal Park, New Jersey. He is from Fairfax Station, Virginia, where he lives with his parents and two siblings.

braden-allen-king-danceDance has been a part of Braden’s life from day one, as his mother is a dance teacher, so he started dancing when he was just four-years-old. His training has taken place at Strictly Rhythm Dance Center in Alexandra, VA, and NYCDA Conventions. In addition to his dance training, Braden also takes voice lessons with Laurie Nelson Voice Studios.

Braden has won many awards at dance competitions, including at Believe Talent, NYDCA, JUMP and World Dance Pageant.  One of his most recent accolades was when he was crowned 2016 Teen Mr Starpower Myrtle Beach with his performance to Dancin’ Fool. Here is a video of his winning dance:

Credit: Video by DancingMrB

Braden was discovered by the Axelrod PAC at an open audition in Manhattan, after being told about the audition by his agent at Clear Talent Group. He had seen BETM on Broadway and felt a connection with the character of Billy since they both loved to dance. Braden won the coveted role, beating about 30 other young hopefuls.

The director of BETM at Axelrod PAC, Liz Piccoli, had this to say about Braden, “The young man is obviously a star who spins on his axis like a planet! At 13 he already has a phenomenal work ethic, an electric personality and a solid dance technique. At his audition he showed us six perfectly executed pirouettes: he is simply awe-inspiring!”

The following video shows Braden rehearsing Electricity and Dream Ballet:

Credit: Video by axelrodartscenter

Performing in BETM in New Jersey created some logistical problems for Braden’s family, since they live in Virginia.   His mother, Liz King, took on the task of home-schooling him in New Jersey and she then returned home on weekends, when Braden’s father swapped places with her.

Braden’s favorite part of the show is performing Electricity.  He says, “It makes me feel like me.  I love when I’m dancing ‘cause I always feel electricity and sparks of energy. I just feel like I want to entertain the crowd, make them feel happy.  Because when you make them feel happy and you see them laughing or crying, you know you’ve accomplished what you meant to do.”

Here’s a video of Braden talking about playing Billy.  It also features rehearsal clips from the Deal Park production:

Credit: Video by axelrodartscenter

With his debut as Billy on 4-Nov-2016, Braden became the 172nd young actor in the world to play the role of Billy Elliot on stage in a professional, regional or community theatre production of BETM.

Braden Allen King is Billy Elliot

 Credit: Photo by Amy Hall

In December 2016, Braden was cast in a second regional production of BETM, this time much farther from his home in Virginia. After auditioning in Los Angeles, Braden learned that he had been cast as Billy in the Anchorage Concert Association’s production of BETM in Alaska, to be presented from February 14-19, 2017.

Billy (Braden King) and Dad (Doug Tompos)

Credit: Photo courtesy of Plan-B Entertainment/Anchorage Concert Association

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