Meet Billy Elliot: Nick van der Stroom

    Note: Nick’s last show as Billy in the Netherlands production of the show was 31-Oct-2015.

    Debut: 26-Jul-2015 (The Netherlands)

    Total Performances: 16  (No partial shows)

    Nick ThumbNick van der Stroom was just ten-years-old (D.O.B. = 18-May-2005) upon his debut as Billy and is from Culemborg, a municipality and a city in the center of the Netherlands. Nick is the youngest boy ever to debut in the role of Billy professionally, in the history of the show around the world at 10 years, two months and eight days old. He lives in Culemborg with his father, mother and sister.

    At the age of eight and a half, Nick first learned to dance from his sister, who he says really loves dancing as well. “She dances all day long, she does street dance and contemporary. Nick van der Stroom2And that’s cool, because she also does it at home and then she teaches me new things.” Nick relates he also dances a lot at home, often giving shows which might, for example, include a tap routine.  

    Like most of the boys who play the role, when they first hear they’ve been cast in the part, they are very excited. “When I heard that I was Billy, I was hyper the entire week!”

    Nick says that it’s “cool” that he gets to perform in front of such a huge audience and to show what he can do.

    Like his fellow Billys for the 2nd cast in The Hague, Nick has spent the last almost 22 months training for his chance to “Be Billy” and from 26-Jul-2015, he’ll get to show what he can do often and Billy fans at the AFAS Circus Theatre will be the beneficiaries.

    Credit: Video by Stage Entertainment Nederland

    Photo credits: Some photos in this article by Remko van Erkelens

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