Meet Billy Elliot: Marc Gelabert

    Note: Marc Gelabert’s final show as Billy in the Barcelona, Spain, production of Billy Elliot the Musical (BETM) was on May 22, 2022.

    Debut: October 9, 2021 (Barcelona, Spain)

    Total Performances as Billy:  57 (No partial shows) 

    Marc Gelabert was 13 years old (D.O.B. = 1-Feb-2008) when he made his debut as Billy in the Spanish production of BETM at the Teatre Victòria in Barcelona.  He is from Esplugues de Llobregat, which is in Barcelona.

    Marc has loved dance from a very young age, and no matter what he is doing he always finds himself dancing.  At just five years old he asked his mother if he could learn to dance at a dance school.  Luckily for Marc, his mother also likes to dance so didn’t hesitate to sign him up for classes at a school in Esplugues de Llobregat, where they taught modern dance.  But Marc wanted to learn ballet, so it wasn’t long before he was enrolled at Escola de Dansa Eva Gris in Cornellà de Llobregat.

    Through his attendance at the school Marc has had the opportunity to take part in many performances including:

    • Night of Musicals presented at the Greek Festival in 2017
    • Tom Sawyer with the Lazzigags Company (Cornellà auditiorium)
    • Dancer for the Club Super3 in Tarragona and Barcelona
    • Catalonia Raises the Curtain at the Liceu

    He also had the opportunity to spend a week in Scotland at a dance summer school.

    Marc Gelabert in ballet class

    Marc missed the original auditions for the Billy Elliot School in Barcelona, as he heard about them after submissions had closed.  Hoping that there was a chance for him, Marc sent in a submission to the casting team anyway.  Luckily they decided to hold another round of castings and a few boys, including Marc, were chosen to join the school.

    Since then, he has been in training four and a half hours a day from Monday to Friday, learning tap, classical ballet, acting, singing and also acrobatics.  Then on Saturdays he has singing classes and sometimes classes to work on choreography.

    Marc’s debut as Billy on 9-Oct-2021 makes him the 311th actor worldwide to play the role in a professional, regional or community theatre production of the musical.

    In the future Marc would like to go to London or the United States to dance.  Also he would like to be an actor in movies and television, and also to be in musicals. 

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