Meet Billy Elliot: Josh Fedrick

    Note: Josh’s Final known Performance as Billy in London was September 27, 2008

    Debut: November 12, 2007 (London)

    Total Performances as Billy: Unknown (Unreported data from the period he was Billy) (Recorded data: 93 — includes 2 partial shows credited @ .5)

    Josh Fedrick ThumbAs the 13th Billy worldwide, Josh Fedrick’s (D.O.B. 14-Mar-1994) debut marked the last time the Victoria Palace Theatre in London held the exclusive privilege of debuting a new Billy. The next Billy to debut (the 14th) would do so in Sydney, Australia when the second ever production of BETM opened in that city. In fact, the next three Billys to debut would be from that production.

    Josh is from Saltash, Cornwall, UK. Very early in life Josh was doing cartwheels and acrobatics around the house. His grandfather suggested to his parents, Liz and Lee, that they enroll Josh in a gymnastics class. And so Josh began classes at a local gymnastics centre at the age of three. He rapidly moved up through the various levels, competing in each and winning various awards for his abilities. At the age of 10, he won a gold medal with the South West team in the British gymnastics finals. Unfortunately, his gymnastics coach, with whom he had trained for many years, left the program at the centre and Josh’s interest in gymnastics declined, eventually resulting in Josh quitting the sport. 

    Josh FedrickAnd then something happened that would lead to Josh’s eventual stint as Billy Elliot.  It seems his cousin wanted to attend dance lessons, but didn’t want to go alone. Josh offered to go with her. After a while, she lost interest and quit.  But, in the meantime, Josh found that he was really enjoying the lessons.  He gradually began participating in dance competitions and found himself being successful in them, winning several awards along the way. At age 11 in 2005, he entered the Janet Cram dance competition for modern dance, which is sponsored by The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD). He danced to T-Rex’s Born to Boogie which, as we know, was featured in the movie Billy Elliot. He ended up in the finals in the London.

    Prior to BETM, Josh had experience in amateur stage productions, first with the Young Stagers Youth Theatre Group in Saltash and then with another amateur theatre group in Plymouth called Touchwood Theatre Company.  It was during this time that Josh made the acquaintance of Gavin Eden, with whom he became good friends. Gavin strongly suggested that Josh take ballet lessons to further his career.  Thus, in 2004, Josh became a Junior associate of the Royal Ballet School at the age of ten. Two years later in 2006, at the age of twelve, he became a Mid Associate.

    BETM “scouts” were in the audience at various dance competitions and liked what they saw in Josh and invited him to audition for the musical, which he did.  After several callbacks, he was chosen to intensify his training and learn the show via the BETM summer intensive program.  During this training, he again entered the Janet Cram competition, again made it to the finals in London, and this time was awarded the title of Most Outstanding Dancer in his age group.

    Josh Fedrick Performs Electricity

    Just days before his BETMUK debut, Josh was one of 14 past, present and future Billy Elliot’s from Billy Elliot the Musical that took part in a unique performance as part of BAFTA’s 60th Birthday celebrations.  It was a specially choreographed number done especially for the BAFTA show. 

    Josh made his professional debut in the London production of Billy Elliot The Musical on 12-Nov-2007.  He would perform in the show for 11 months before his final show came 93 performances later on 27-Sep-2008.

    On 24-Feb-2008, Josh appeared with four other Billys (Trent Kowalik, Corey Snide, Olly Taylor and Travis Yates) on the British TV special called Happy Birthday Brucie! to commemorate the 80th birthday of Britain’s longest-serving all-round television entertainer Bruce Forsyth.

    Post Billy Activities

    Here are some of the highlights of “life after Billy” for Josh:

    • Returning home to Saltash after BETMUK, Josh studied performing arts at the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London and at the Goschen Centre at City College, Plymouth.
    • Josh has done choreography and otherwise assisted with the shows at the DJR School of Performing Arts in Saltash.

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