Note: Tommy’s final performance as Billy was in Chicago on Sunday, October 10, 2010

Debuts: February 10, 2009  (Broadway)     March 19, 2010 (Chicago)

Total Performances as Billy: 139.5  [Broadway = 82 (includes 4 partial shows credited @.5)][Chicago = 57.5 (includes 1 partial show credited @.5)] 

Tommy Batchelor ThumbBorn on August 23, 1995, Tommy Batchelor lived in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida when he was Billy. He was the 4th boy to play Billy Elliot on Broadway and was also an originating Billy for the 1st North American tour of the show in Chicago.

Tommy’s early dance inspirations were Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. After seeing films and TV programs featuring them, he began dance training at the age of four, in ballet and jazz, at a studio called The Dance Factory – when his family lived in Minnesota. A year later, Tommy saw the 2001 TV movie starring Gregory Hines called Bojangles. It was about the life of actor/tap dancer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, exposing Tommy to tap dancing. He promptly told his family “I want to do that”. So he added tap to his dance repertoire. He has moved a couple of times since then, but Tommy kept acquiring dance skills wherever he lived.

Tommy Batchelor (Billy) & Samuel Pergande (Older Billy) in Dream Ballet
Tommy Batchelor (Billy) & Samuel Pergande (Older Billy) in Dream Ballet

Once in Florida, in 2002, Tommy really began to apply himself. First at U.B. Kinsey/Palmview Elementary School of the Arts and later at BAK Middle School of the Arts, he received an academic education, which was liberally sprinkled with choral and theater classes. His dance training also continued in Florida, where he initially attended classes given by Char-Mar Dance studios right at his elementary school. In 2005, Tommy began taking dance classes at Palm Beach Ballet Center in Lake Park, four days a week, and continues to be officially enrolled there, visiting whenever he gets some time off in Florida. One of his dance teachers, Stacey Downs, said that Tommy was so eager to dance that she had to order him to stop some days. “He’s like a racehorse, he just goes,” said Downs. “He has a great heart, he’s very emotional, very expressive. And I’ve never met such a quick study.”

All the hard work began to pay off when he earned a starring role in the 2006 Miami City Ballet production of The Nutcracker. While performing in that show, the BETM talent scouts first saw Tommy dance and liked what they saw. They asked Tommy to audition in Orlando in early 2007, which he did. But then a year went by during which he heard nothing from the BETM creative people.

At age 12, Tommy danced in the final rounds of the international ballet competition YAGP (Youth America Grand Prix) in New York City. Here’s some video footage of Tommy’s performance in that April, 2008 competition:

Credit: Video by vamproductions

BETM had a scout at that competition who asked Tommy to try out again while there in NY. He did so with five other boys and, after the audition was over, he was offered a role in Billy Elliot the Musical on Broadway. Within a week of that audition, Tommy had a passport and visa for London. He was in London for about three weeks, with David Alvarez, Kiril Kulish and Trent Kowalik, working with the London BETM creative team at Three Mills Studio. While in London, they also got to see the show at the Victoria Palace Theatre and meet their counterpart Billys from the West End.

Tommy Batchelor and Family

Like many of the other Billys, Tommy’s family has made numerous sacrifices to support his love of dance and theater. When he got the role on Broadway, Tommy and his mom, Rebecca, moved from Florida into a fourth-floor walk-up in upper Manhattan. They rode subways downtown to the Imperial Theater. Tommy’s dad, Ed, who was a high school teacher in FL at the time, and his older brother, Eddie, visited NYC when they could. And then, in December, 2009, he and his mom moved again — this time to the Windy City — where he originated the title role and from where he eventually “retired” from the show.

An original Broadway cast member when the show opened in November of 2008, Tommy was at first the understudy for Billy and performed the role of Tall Boy/Posh Boy. Then, in March of 2009, Tommy joined the Broadway rotation as the 4th full-fledged Billy.

A video produced by has Greg Jbara, Tony award winner for his creation of the role of “Dad” in BETM,  interviewing Tommy near the beginning of the show on Broadway:

Credit: Video by Broadwaycom

The Four Broadway Billys at Broadway Bears (l-r Trent Kowalik, Kiril Kulish, Tommy Batchelor, David Alvarez)
The Four Broadway Billys at Broadway Bears (l-r Trent Kowalik, Kiril Kulish, Tommy Batchelor, David Alvarez)

Though he was a full-fledged Broadway Billy for over nine months, because of the notoriety of the three original Broadway Billys (David Alvarez, Trent Kowalik and Kiril Kulish), who were involved in all the pre-Opening Night publicity for the show and then won the Tony for Best Actor in a Musical, while on Broadway Tommy was sometimes the “forgotten Billy” — often not included in photo opportunities and interviews with the others. A rare exception was at the Broadway Bears charity event at which Tommy did appear with his fellow Billys.

But then, on September 10, 2009, three boys who would play Billy Elliot in Chicago were announced (a fourth would be announced later). Tommy was to be the anchor of the group as he was the eldest and was the only one with experience in the role. With all the pre opening Chicago publicity, Tommy finally emerged from the shadow of the originating Broadway Billys and had a spotlight of his own.


Tommy-Batchelor-Rehearsing-for-Billy-Elliot-Debut-in-ChicagoTommy’s last Broadway performance as Billy was on December 11, 2009. After a short holiday break, he went into rehearsals full-time with the rest of the Billy Elliot the Musical Chicago cast. Though the 1st Tour Billys did some training in New York prior to Christmas, most of the cast rehearsal process took place at the Oriental Theater and other locations in Chicago beginning in early January, 2010.

In a March, 2010 interview a week before the show opened in Chicago, for the website the Chicagoist, Tommy talked about the luxury of the larger Oriental Theatre compared to what he was used to on Broadway at the Imperial Theatre in NYC, “The theater in New York [City] is so much smaller than this one. The Oriental Theater is a lot bigger, and the backstage is humongous!”

On March 17, 2010, Tommy performed as Billy in the final dress rehearsal at the Oriental Theatre before a house full of invited guests and assorted luminaries. Then, two nights later, he did his first Chicago preview show on March 19, eventually doing six more previews including the final one on the evening of April 10th, the second most of the four Billys. After the show officially opened on April 11th, Tommy did his first “official” show in Chicago at the Wednesday, April 14th matinee.

In mid September, it was announced that Tommy’s final show as Billy would be on Sunday, October 10 at 2:00pm. Since he first auditioned in April of 2008 to his last show, Tommy had been preparing for or playing the role of Billy for 2.5 years and ended up portraying  Billy 140 times on stage in New York and in Chicago.

Never one to “let the paint dry”, a week after his “retirement” and he got back home to Palm Beach, Florida, Tommy began rehearsals for a performance as the Prince in Miami City Ballet’s The Nutcracker, held at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, December 3-5, 2010. And with that performance, Tommy came full cycle from discovery by the BETM creative staff while dancing in that 2006 Miami City Ballet production of The Nutcracker four Christmases before.

Long before the Broadway show opened, in an interview with his hometown paper in Florida, The Palm Beach Post, Tommy related that Jane Beck, his elementary school dance teacher, once predicted he would one day be on Broadway. “But she thought I would be at least 20,” said Tommy, laughing. So far in his young life, the resourceful teen has consistently beaten goals set by others for him — by plenty. With his talent, expect that trend to continue.

Post Billy Experiences

  • Fall, 2013 to present, Tommy matriculated at Ohio State University, majoring in Dance and Dance Film. Presently scheduled to graduate in the Spring of 2017.
  • Winter 2013-14, participated in Dance Downtown with Ohio State and the BuckeyeThon dance marathon for Nationwide Childrens Hospital.
  • Spring 2014, participated in Drums Downtown with Ohio State.
  • Summer 2014,  LA Tap workshop, participated as an intern in the filming of No Letting Go the Movie, and also danced in The Big Maine Event in Portland, Maine.
  • March 2015, danced in Partially Nothing + Wholly Something, with a new professional dance group in Columbus.
  • April 2015, sang the National Anthem at the Ohio Tournament of Champions, a Columbus, Ohio wrestling tournament.

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