Meet Billy Elliot: Eamon Stocks

Note: Eamon’s final show as Billy was at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on February 6, 2016.

Debut: January 13, 2016 (MTC – John Hirsch Theatre Mainstage – Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN)  

Total Performances as Billy:  15  (No partial shows)

Eamon Stocks ThumbEamon Stocks, who had been singing, dancing and acting since the age of six, was 15-years-old (D.O.B. = 4-Jan-2001) when he debuted as the 120th boy in the world to play Billy Elliot professionally on stage. A native of Whitby, Ontario, his academic education has been at the John Dryden Public School in Whitby. As far as his early dance training goes, Eamon first did Break Dancing and Hip Hop. 

Long before his involvement with the Winnipeg BETM production, Eamon originally auditioned for Billy in Toronto alongside former Billys Myles Erlick and Julian Elia in 2009 when he was just 8.  As he had no prior ballet training, he was actually auditioning for the role of Michael. He made it to the end of the callbacks at the first audition and was personally invited back by Casting Director Nora Brennan for another audition a few months later. Ironically, then, it was going to the Billy auditions that was his first introduction to ballet.

Credit: Video by Eamon Stocks

So, at the age of nine, Eamon decided to give Ballet a try, enrolling in Canada’s National Ballet School. He was there at the same time as Myles, Marcus Pei and Liam Redhead (they were all in different grades than Eamon).  According to his mom, Sherri, he has since learned to love that dance genre and says he wants to make a career of it.

 Here, Eamon performs a ballet solo from Le Corsaire:

Credit: Video by Eamon Stocks

Prior to his involvement with Billy Elliot, Eamon has done small roles in film, television and commercials and has appeared in productions with the Whitby Courthouse Theatre, the National Ballet of Canada and First Act Productions. He has recently added the title of “motion capture artist” to his resume, playing the character of Leon in the popular video game series, Assassins Creed – Dead Kings. (For a complete list of his performing accomplishments, see Eamon’s resume on his website.)

Eamon Stocks & the rest of the cast of "High School Musical" by First Act Productions
Eamon Stocks & the rest of the cast of “High School Musical” by First Act Productions (July, 2015)

Eamon first auditioned for the role of Billy in Winnipeg by submitting a demo tape to the production’s creative team in December of 2014.  He was then asked to do a call back the following March and shortly thereafter learned he was one of two boys cast in the role of Billy. The casting announcement for the actors who would play Billy, Michael, Debbie, Tall Boy, Posh Boy and Small Boy was made via a press release in July, 2015.

Then, on 8-Sep-2015, he left his home in Whitby to spend the next five months in Winnipeg.  Once there, from September to December he’d be living, training and doing four credits of academic school work at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. 

Rehearsals with the entire cast began in December and continued right up to the opening of the show in mid-January, 2016.

When asked in a radio interview which number from the show he was most looking forward to performing, Eamon replied without hesitation: Electricity.  In that same interview he was also asked what it was about dance that attracted him.  He said “Being able to express my emotions through movement is what gets me (about dance).”

For hobbies, Eamon lists Dance, Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Soccer and Hockey.

Eamon displays his voice in this video, singing Morning Glow from the musical Pippin:

Credit: Video by Eamon Stocks

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