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    Meet Billy Elliot: Dean McCarthy

    Note: Dean’s Final known Performance as Billy in London was August 20, 2007

    Debut: December 4, 2006 (London)

    Total Performances as Billy: Unknown (Unreported data from the period he was Billy ) (Recorded data: 39 — includes 2 partial shows credited @ .5)

    Dean McCarthy Thumb1Dean McCarthy was the 8th Billy to play the role on the London stage and worldwide. He was born on 26-Jan-1992 in Dublin, Ireland and was the first Billy to come from that country. Dean started dancing when he was six-years-old at the Digges Lane Dance Studio, which is now called BFamous School of Dance and Performing Arts, run by Brendan Scully.

    In his pre-Billy Elliot days, Dean played the role of a bully in the Irish short film Mac an Athar (2005).

    After a series of auditions in the Fall of 2005 and early 2006, Dean found out he had been selected to “Be Billy”.  Shortly after his notification, he appeared on Irish TV’s  Late Late Show, hosted by Pat Kenny, demonstrating some of the dance skills that won him the role.

    Credit: Video by Inspired By Billy Elliot

    About that same time, he was also interviewed on the Irish Children’s TV Show The Den.

    After moving into the Billy House in London with the other young cast members who played the lead roles in the show, Dean underwent several months of training/rehearsals to prepare him for his debut, which took place on 4-Dec-2006.  He played Billy 11 times that first month, a heavy monthly load for any boy playing the role, never mind one brand new to it.  Unfortunately, this first month’s testament to his stamina wasn’t to foretell a long stint in the role.  After just four full months as Billy, Dean sustained a serious shoulder injury which would keep him off the Victoria Palace Theatre stage for almost five months.  When he did return, on 20-Aug-2007, he re-injured the shoulder and it would prove to be his last show.  At the observance of BETMUK’s 1000th show on 4-Oct-2007, Dean danced in a special Finale with his fellow Billys and it was announced that he was “retiring” from the show.

    The Billys with a cake to celebrate 1000 shows in London.  The boys l-r Olly Taylor, Corey Snide, Dean McCarthy, Layton Williams and Sam Angell
    The Billys with a cake to celebrate 1000 shows in London. The boys l-r Olly Taylor, Corey Snide, Dean McCarthy, Layton Williams and Sam Angell

    Post Billy Activities

    Here are some of the highlights of “life after Billy” for Dean:

    • In November of 2007, joined 15 past, current and future Billys on the British TV special Happy Birthday BAFTA in a specially choreographed numberto commemorate the 60th birthday of BAFTA.

    Credit: Video by hunter1989de

    • In 2010, Dean appeared on the TV show In the House.

    For more information about Dean, visit: 

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