Meet Billy Elliot: Carlos Puts

    Note: Carlos’s final show as Billy in the Netherlands was at the AFAS Circustheatre in The Hague on 30-Jul-2015.

    Debut: 22-Nov-2014 (The Netherlands)

    Total Performances: 48.5  (Includes one partial show credited @ .5)

    Video thumbnail for youtube video Meet Billy Elliot: Carlos Puts » Billy Elliot the Musical at TheSkyKid.comCarlos was 13-years-old, from Zoetermeer, a city in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland, when he became the first ever Billy to set foot on the stage of the AFAS Circus Theatre in The Hague.

    He did his initial dance training at a dance school in Zoetermeer, studying ballet, jazz, tap and break dancing.  He says that when he was selected to play Billy, the only physical skill he had no prior training in was acrobatics.

    When asked how he likes performing in the show, Carlos replied, “It has always been my dream, because two years before the auditions my mother went to see Billy Elliot in London and she brought the cast album with her and told stories about it, and that is how I started dancing and wanted to do this.”

    He says what he finds must difficult about the Billy training is tap dancing. “You’re doing a move and immediately after you have to do another one. In your head, you’re still thinking about the one before.”

    Here’s a video from the official BETMNL website. It’s an introduction of Carlos and it’s in Dutch. But for those who don’t speak the language, it has English subtitles.


    Credit: Video by Billy Elliot Holland

    November 30, 2014 was the official Opening Night or “The Premiere” as it’s known in Dutch theatre circles.  Carlos was chosen to be Billy that evening and received rave reviews in the local media.

    On January 7, 2015 Carlos was named Best Upcoming Young Talent at the Musical Theatre Awards Gala show.

    Carlos Wins Musical Award for Best Upcoming Young Talent
    Carlos Accepting His Award for Best Upcoming Young Talent


    Carlos Final Show
    Carlos’s Final Show

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