Meet Billy Elliot: Vincent Bennett

    Note: Vincent’s final performance as Billy in the Village Theatre (Issaquah & Everett, WA) production of Billy Elliot The Musical (BETM) was at the Everett Performing Arts Center on July 31, 2016.

    Debut: May 12, 2016 (Village Theatre – Issaquah, WA)

    Total Performances as Billy:  25 (No partial shows) 

    Thumb4Vincent Bennett, who was 13 at the time of his debut as Billy is from Issaquah, which is a suburb of Seattle, WA. His early academic training was at the Challenger Elementary School and currently he attends Beaver Lake Middle School.  The 8th grader’s favorite subject is science. 

    Vincent began dancing at the age of four while living in Indiana. His most recent dance training has been at the Pacific Northwest Ballet School in Seattle and Bellevue Washington for the past five years.  He has appeared in many of the school’s productions over the years, including The Nutcracker (2014). Other dance credits include playing the role of an Evil Sprite Attendant in McCaw Hall‘s production of Cinderella in 2012.

    In a rest break from rehearsing The Nutcracker. Vincent is lower right in the photo. Fellow Village Theatre Billy Philipp Mergener is seated on the step just behind Vincent.
    Waiting for his costume fitting for Cinderella in 2012. Vincent is lower right in the photo. Also in this production was fellow Village Theatre Billy Philipp Mergener, seated on the step just behind Vincent.

    Vincent is also currently training at Issaquah Dance Theatre. He has also had some gymnastics training.

    Vincent has had acting training with Village Theatre Kidstage, appearing in several of their productions, including last summer’s presentation of Peter Pan in the role of John. He also performed in his middle school’s production of Aladdin.

    When asked to describe how straight dancing (such as in competitions, recitals, etc) differs from being in a musical theatre production, Vincent said “Compared to dancing, there’s a lot more interaction between you and members of the cast. It’s two completely different arts.” 

    When asked whether he has liked the rehearsal experience for BETM, and especially working with the other three Billys, Vincent replied “I think we’ve all developed an amazing relationship. Each one is unique in their own way and they’re very talented.”

    He says he’s very excited to perform all the dance numbers in the show and especially likes getting harnessed and flying around the stage in Dream Ballet

    The Ensemble of the show has in its ranks many veteran actors who previously have played leads in other area productions. Says Vincent, “During full-cast rehearsal, I was so excited to meet everyone. There are so many people that played so many leads in other productions, just to be around them. Especially since Billy Elliot is the main person and everyone revolves around him,” Bennett said. “Honestly, it’s a little terrifying. But really exciting and I’m learning so much from them.”

    Vincent made his debut as Billy on 12-May-2016, and in doing so became the 133rd actor in the world to play the role.

    In early May, 2016, Vincent’s local media outlet, The Issaquah Press (, interviewed him.  Here’s a video made of that interview:

    Credit: Video by (David Hayes)

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