Meet Billy Elliot: Oliver Palm

    Note:  Oliver’s final show as Billy in the Swedish production of Billy Elliot the Musical at the Stockholm City Theatre was on November 19, 2017.

    Debut: August 20, 2017 (Stockholm, Sweden)

    Total Performances as Billy:  19 (No partial shows) 

    Oliver Palm was 12 years old when he debuted as Billy Elliot in Stockholm.  He is a student at Ljungen School in Höllviken, which is a town near Malmö.  Oliver has been street dancing since 2011, and now also takes ballet and tap classes at Split Dance Studio in Malmö.  

    Oliver’s journey to the top of the BETM cast board started back in 2015 when he auditioned for the Swedish production’s original run in Malmö.  He was one of 16 boys chosen to undergo training for the roles of Billy and Michael at the Billy Elliot School at Base23 in Stockholm.  After the final auditions, it was decided that Oliver wasn’t quite ready for one of the lead roles, so he was cast in the role of Small Boy for the shows in Malmö in 2016.  

    Oliver was still determined to reach his goal of playing Billy, so he continued to work hard on his ballet and tap, and his hard work paid off when he was promoted to the role of Michael when the production reopened in Stockholm in February 2017.  In between the two BETM productions Oliver performed once again at the Malmö Opera House, appearing as ‘Young Simon/Lola’ in Kinky Boots.

    Oliver Palm as Michael (left) performs “Expressing Yourself” with David Fridholm as Billy (right)

    After two years of training, Oliver finally gets to see his name at the top of the cast board, as he will play Billy after the summer break in Stockholm.  As he doesn’t live in Stockhom, Oliver has racked up a lot of air miles with his weekly flights from Malmö to the country’s capital.

    Oliver’s debut as Billy on 20-Aug-2017 makes him the 211th actor in the world to play the role in a professional, regional or community theatre production of the show.

    Oliver Palm as Billy (left) with Lowe Bjurman as Michael (right)

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