Meet Billy Elliot: Thomas Hazelby

    Note: Thomas’s last show as Billy in the West End (London) production of the show was on 9-Apr-2016.

    Debut: March 11, 2015 (London)

    Total Performances as Billy:  93.95  (includes one partial show credited @ .5, the 10th Anniversary show credited at .2 and the closing show credited @.25).

    Thomas Hazelby ThumbThomas Hazelby was the 40th Billy to debut on the stage of the Victoria Palace Theatre (VPT) and the 89th world-wide to play the role professionally.  At his debut, he was 10-years-old and hails from Doncaster in the UK, which is a town in South Yorkshire approximately 160 miles northwest of London and where he lives with his mum (Wendy), dad (Philip) and sister (Maya).  When at home, he is a student at the Norton Junior School.

    Thomas With Some of his Dance Awards
    Credit: Photo by Hazelbiz Performers Academy

    Thomas’s interest in dance began at about the age of three when he started dance lessons at the family’s performing arts school, Hazelbiz Performers Academy. That interest was encouraged by his mum who is the owner and principal of the school, where she also teaches all branches of dance.  Later Thomas’s acting skills were honed by his dad, who teaches vocal and dramatic arts at Hazelbiz.

    He has won numerous awards in dance, at both the national and regional levels, including a national award at the 2010 British Championships called the Baby Ballet Champion, when he was just five-years-old.

    Before auditioning for Billy, since 2012 he also trained as a Junior Associate at the Royal Ballet School.

    Thomas has indicated that some of his favorite things are:

    Scene/Song In BETM:  Angry Dance (because he loves to tap dance).

    Hobbies:  Football & Cricket (before Billy, played football for South Kirby Knights FC and cricket for Norton Junior School cricket team)

    Electronic Game: Minecraft

    Super Hero: Wolverine

    Food:  Pizza

    After months of training, Thomas very sucessfully debuted as Billy in London on 11-Mar-2015.

    Here’s Thomas’s “Meet The Billys” video which is created for each of the boys who play Billy in London by Billy Elliot The Musical UK:

    Credit: Video by Billy Elliot The Musical

    Thomas Hazelby (Billy), Howard Crossley (George) and Nathan Jones (Michael)
    Thomas Hazelby (Billy), Howard Crossley (George) and Nathan Jones (Michael) (Credit: Photo by Alastair Muir)

    For more information about Thomas visit:

    Billy Elliot the Forum, Thomas Hazelby Facebook Appreciation Page


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