Meet Billy Elliot: Thiago Vernal

    Note:  Thiago Vernal’s final performance as Billy in the Peruvian production of Billy Elliot the Musical (BETM) in Lima was on Aug 26, 2018.

    Debut: May 26, 2018 (Lima, Peru)

    Total Performances as Billy:  22.3 (Includes the final show where all 3 Billys performed – credited at 0.3)

    Thiago Vernal was 13 years old (D.O.B = 15-Jan-2005) when he debuted as Billy Elliot at the Teatro Peruano Japon├ęs in Lima, Peru.

    Thiago’s first involvement in theatre was when he was seven years old when he decided to take theatre classes as an after school activity.  This was like a revelation for him and he immediately knew it was something he wanted to continue doing.  

    A few years later, when he was ten years old, he began taking ballet classes at Nazareth Studio de Danza y Arte in Lima.  Thiago then went on to expand his dance repertoire by studying freestyle dance, jazz and acrobatics.  His family are all very sporty, so he was also encouraged to play sport, taking taekwondo and playing both basketball and baseball.  

    Thiago’s family have always supported him in his dancing even if they didn’t understand why he wanted to do it.  His father was actually shocked when he first heard that Thiago had attended a dance class and it wasn’t until he attended a performance where Thiago was dancing that his father completely changed his mind and from that point onwards he has been completely behind his son.

    Over the past few years Thiago has gained many performing credits.  On stage he has appeared in musicals such as Mary Poppins and La Gallina Pintadita.  He played the role of ‘Gabriel Soto’ in the movie La Peor De Mis Bodas in 2016, and he has also appeared in a few TV shows including De Vuelta al Barrio.

    Thiago Vernal (front centre) as Gabriel Soto in “La Peor De Mis Bodas”

    Since the summer of 2017 Thiago has turned all his attention to preparing for the demanding role of Billy, as he has undergone an intense training programme alongside the other two Peruvian Billys.  This has included ballet, tap, acrobatic, acting and singing lessons. 

    The following video shows Thiago talking about his upcoming role as Billy and it also shows some rehearsal footage:

    Credit: Video by Los Productores

    With his debut performance on 26-May-2018 Thiago becomes the 244th actor in the world to play the role of Billy in a professional, regional or community theatre production of the musical.

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