Meet Billy Elliot: Oscar Dietz

    Oscar Dietz

    Note: Oscar’s final show as Billy was at the Det Ny Teater in Copenhagen, Denmark on 3-May-2015.

    Debut: 24-Jan-2015

    Total Performances as Billy:  30 (No partial shows)

    Oscar Dietz Thumb2Oscar Dietz is 14-years-old (D.O.B. = 6-Aug-2000) and was born in Copenhagen. He currently lives in the coastal village of Tisvildeleje, northwest of Copenhagen, with his family. He has a younger sister who is also an actress.  Oscar’s hobbies include tennis, snowboarding and skating.

    Oscar is perhaps best known to young TV and film audiences in Denmark for his 2013/2014 portrayal of the super hero Antboy.  He also appeared in the 2014 short film Prinser & Prinsesser as Jakob.

    Here’s a brief video trailer showing Oscar as Antboy:


    In an interview given to the website BSCKids at the time he was filming the Antboy movies, Oscar also talked about the role music plays in his life.. “I also play a lot of music and for many years I had my own band called ‘Bjørnebanden’.  I really enjoyed that and you can find some videos of me playing on Youtube. Today I play the guitar and I sing, just like my dad who was a musician. He died just before we started filming Antboy 2, so now I also play a lot to remember him and I will definitely keep playing music as well as acting when I grow up.”

    In 2013, Oscar posted this video of himself displaying his vocal talent with a cover of the song Endeløst:


    In the BSCKids interview, Oscar was also asked about the dancing skills he needs to play Billy Elliot and how his taking dance is viewed by his peers.. “My newest hobbies are tap-dancing and ballet, although this is not really cool for a boy my age to admit. But I’m playing Billy Elliot the musical in half a year, so that takes a lot of training and it’s so much fun to train with the other boys I’m sharing the role with. So I don’t really care what others think about this, I just keep dancing.”

    Billy Elliot won’t be Oscar’s first time on stage in front of live audiences. Previous stage experience includes:

    • Peters Christmas as Peter. Folketeatret (2011)
    • Christmas in Gammelby. Folketeatret  (2010)
    • Himmelweg. Det Kongelige Teater (2009)
    • The King And I. Det Ny Teater (2008)

    Oscar Practices Ballet ReviseIn order to prepare the boys who would play Billy and Michael in BETM for the rigorous demands of carrying an almost 3 hour show, the boys attended a Billy School for much of the past year.  Since November of 2013, the boys have been trained in  ballet, step, street dance, acrobatics, singing and drama.  The training took place in the rehearsal halls of the Dy Net Teater, three days a week over that time period.

    When asked how hard it was to see his friends going off to the beach during this past summer’s vacation from school while he was off to the theater to train, Oscar replied:

    “Some mornings, it was hard to get out the door because you are tired after the workout the day before and maybe also a little sore, but then when you first get into the theater, and it has started, it’s actually just super fun. We’re all doing something we think is really fun and we enjoy ourselves really well together.”

    And, for this young veteran of show business, the real fun began when he was able to use all this training and preparation to tread the boards of the Det Ny Teater once the show opened — and to receive the adulation of appreciative audiences for a job well done.

    Oscar Dietz (Billy) and Kristian Boland (Dad)
    Oscar Dietz (Billy) and Kristian Boland (Dad)


     The second film in the Antboy series, Antboy 2, won a Danish Oscar called The Robert for Best Childrens Film. In February of 2015, that film was nominated for an award at the Berlin Film Festival.

    Oscar Signing Autographs at the Berlin Festival
    Oscar Signing Autographs at the Berlin Festival

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