Meet Billy Elliot: Grim Lohman

    Note: Grim’s last show as Billy at the Malmö Opera House in Malmö, Sweden, was on June 2, 2016.

    Debut: February 13, 2016 (Malmö Opera House in Malmö, Sweden)  

    Total Performances as Billy:  14  (No partial shows)

    Grim Lohman ThumbGrim Lohman was 12-years-old (D.O.B. = 19-Apr-2003) from Solna in the county of Stockholm, Sweden when he debuted as the 121st boy in the world to play the role of Billy Elliot on stage professionally.

     Educationally, Grim has attended the primary school at Kulturama, which is the largest arts education program in Sweden. Besides the elementary level, Kulturama provides a secondary school program, adult education and professional training.  In addition to academics, students attending Kulturama are exposed to a program that includes dance, music, song, art and design, and theater.

    Grim as Benji in Priscilla
    Grim played the role of Benji in Priscilla in 2014 at the Gota Lejon in Stockholm

    Grim has also received instruction at the Royal Swedish Ballet School (ballet) and the School of the Arts (Theater).  Musically, he studies and plays the violin.

    Grim brings to the role of Billy Elliot a vast amount of experience, having appeared in numerous stage and TV shows. He has appeared in several made for TV movies and is well known in Sweden for playing the role of the Commissioner’s son Kasper in six TV films in the series The Inspector and the Sea. He has also done extensive voice work for Swedish National Television.

    Prior musical theatre experience includes roles in Evita (Ensemble), Priscilla (Benji) and A Christmas Carol (Tiny Tim). 

    During an audition process that pared many would-be Billys and Michaels down to six, Grim was chosen to play Billy along with two other boys. Beginning in the Spring of 2015, the six Billys and Michaels began intensive training in a “Billy School” set up at Base 23 in Stockholm (Stockholm Dance Academy). That was followed by rehearsals with the entire cast.

    Rasmus Mononen plays Billy’s older brother Tony and Lars Väringer his father. Grim Lohman is Billy.

    Credit: Photo by Albin Brönmark

    In a pre-opening promotional appearance in December 2015, Grim and David Fridholm (Michael) appeared on a local Swedish TV show and performed “Expressing Yourself”:

    Grim was chosen to perform at the Opening Night (13-Feb-2016) performance of the production in Sweden.

    For more information about Grim visit:

    Billy Elliot the Forum

    Mrs. Wilkinson (Åsa Fång) teaching Billy (Grim Lohman) ballet in class with the Ballet Girls.
    Mrs. Wilkinson (Åsa Fång) teaching Billy (Grim Lohman) ballet in class with the Ballet Girls.

    Credit: Photo by Malin Arnesson


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