Meet Billy Elliot: Tydo Korver

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    Note: Tydo’s final show as Billy in the Netherlands was at the AFAS Circus Theatre on 18-Jul-2015.

    Debut: 6-Nov-2014 (The Netherlands)

    Total Performances: 44 (Includes 2 partial shows credited @.5 ea)

    Tydo Thumb3Tydo was 11-years-old upon his debut as Billy,  from Velserbroek, a town in the Dutch province of North Holland. It is a part of the municipality of Velsen. His schooling has been at the Free School Kennemerland in North Haarlem.

    According to his mom, Selina,  in a sense Tydo’s always been an entertainer. As a toddler he sang and danced all the time at home. When he was older, he joined a local musical club to which his older sister Yara already belonged.  There, they saw potential talent in Tydo and encouraged him to audition for local shows.

    Tydo’s biggest “claim to fame” prior to Billy Elliot was his musical theatre experience of touring the country with the semi-professional musical Anastasia in which he played the part of Young Dimitri.

    Tydo and fellow cast member Loeki sing “Side by Side” from the musical Anastasia:


    Credit: Video by Koen Korver

    A short time later relates Selina in an interview she did with a local newspaper, the IJmuider Courant, a friend of hers gave them the idea of signing up for auditions for Billy Elliot. Having so little experience compared to many of the other boys at the auditions, to Tydo’s surprise he was invited back several times for call backs while others dropped out. But she said  “Tydo always came through. “

    He was one of 50 children selected to attend the Billy sCOOL where, in less than a year, Tydo learned to dance ballet and tap dancing, as well as acrobatics. Selina says Tydo has developed physically, picking up the stamina all Billys need to get through the very demanding show.

    When asked his impression about being in the show so far he said, “Being in a (professional) musical is completely new for me,” says Tydo enthusiastically. “And you have so much to learn at once: singing, dancing, acting and even tapping. This is a great experience.”

    Tydo says his favorite scene in the show is Expressing Yourself. “I play that one with Michael, Billy’s best friend. It has a lot of dancing humor.”  What he finds hardest about the training is “The strict posture in ballet. You have to make sure you’re not wobbling and stand firm.  That is very difficult.”

    The following video is from the official BETMNL website.  It’s an introduction to Tydo and is in Dutch with English subtitles:


    Credit: Video by Billy Elliot Holland

    On 6-Nov-2014, Tydo had the honor of being the first Dutch Billy to debut in the first preview of The Netherlands production.  In doing so, he became the 77th Billy to debut in a professional production of the show globally.

    On 7-Nov-2014, Tydo and fellow Billy Stijn appeared on the popular Dutch TV program De wereld draait door.  Here’s a video clip of that interview (Note: it’s in Dutch):

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