Meet Billy Elliot: Kaspar Kiisk

    Note: Kaspar’s final show as Billy in the Tallinn, Estonia production of the show was on 9-May-2015 at the Nordea Concert Hall.

    Debut: 27-Mar-2015 (Tallinn)

    Total Performances:  17  (No partial shows)

    Kaspar KiiskThumbKaspar Kiisk was 12 years old (D.O.B. 31-Dec-2002) and lived in Tartu, Estonia when he debuted as Billy Elliot on 27-Mar-2015.  He headlined a production of BETM which officially opened at the Nordea Concert Hall in Tallinn, Estonia on 28-Mar-2015.  He was the 90th boy in the world to play Billy professionally on stage.

    His academic studies were at the Tartu Mart Reiniku Gümnaasium, a local school in his home town.  He started singing when he was three years old and acting when he was eight.

    Kaspar’s prior experience included prominent roles in the Vanemuise Theatre’s children’s musicals Mary Poppins, Maria Stuarda, and Bumpy.

    Kaspar in Bumpy (December, 2014)
    Kaspar in Bumpy (December, 2014)  Photo by Georg Rosma

    In 2014, Kaspar sang Sügistuuled for Elva Looduslaul, which is a Latvian International singing contest.  He placed 5th in the competition.

    Credit: Video by SulgurFilm

    As he grew older, Kaspar was encouraged to audition for “grown up” shows and that encouragement led to his trying out for a role in Billy Elliot The Musical.

    Kaspar spent the several months prior to the opening of the Estonian production of BETM rehearsing and training in the various dance genres that he needed to play the arduous title role in the show.

    In this video, taped during an Estonian TV show in December, 2014 to promote the BETM production, Kaspar performed a very emotional rendition of The Letter, with Kaire Vilgats (Mrs. Wilkinson) and Dagmar Oja (Dead Mum):

    Credit: Video by NoorTeater !

    Life After Billy

    2015 –   After BETM, Kaspar went back to school in his hometown in Estonia.  Originally a musician only, he gave up dancing to continue rehearsals and performances with his pop-rock band Efektiiv (Effective).  Efektiiv has performed in schools across Estonia, restaurants and even the culture museum from before Billy Elliot to the present.  Kaspar plays guitar and performs back-up vocals for the band.  In March of 2015, Kaspar and Andrus Kasesalu performed, Õlitatud keravälk (Greased Lightning) for ETV, Estonia Public Broadcast Service. 

    Credit: Video by Eesti Rahvusringhääling

    2016 –   Kaspar spent time with the band, school and hobbies in 2016.

    2017 –   Kaspar played “Webster” in Shakespeare in Love at The Estonian Drama Theatre in Tallinn.  Kaspar started filming The Real Life of Johannes Pääsuke during the summers of 2017 and 2018 in the South of Estonia, mainly in Setomaa. 

    2018 –   Kaspar took a break from performing to enjoy teenage life. 

    2019 –   Kaspar played a farm boy in The Real Life of Johannes Pääsuke directed by Hardi Volmer.  The story is a fictional approach to Pääsuke’s (Estonia’s first filmmaker’s) adventures in Setomaa, South of Estonia.  The film was released in 2019.

    2020   Kaspar and the band Efektiiv released two songs in 2020.  The song Tõsta Üles Käed was released on Spotify.   The other release was Tõotus, which you can seen here:

    Credit: Video by Mikk Kaasik

    2021    Kaspar is in the 11th grade at Tartu Tamme Gymnasium and will graduate in 2022.  He currently is attending school and honing his skills on the guitar.  He continues to perform with the band Efektiiv.  He would like to go to a music school after he graduates.

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