Meet Billy Elliot: Sunu Lim

    Note: Sunu’s (임선우) Final Performance as Billy was in Seoul on February 26, 2011

    Debut: August 10, 2010 (Seoul)

    Total Performances as Billy: 54 (includes 2 partial shows credited @.5)

    Sunu Lim Thumb2Sunu Lim was the youngest of the four original Billys at age 11 when the show opened.  He brought strong ballet credentials to the show.

    He started ballet at the age of five. “I was slightly bent in the back so my mom made me learn ballet, to correct my posture and then I got interested in it and started to dream of becoming a ballerino.”  Sunu has being touted as a young star who carries on his slight shoulders the future of Korean ballet.

    In March of 2010, he won the gold medal at the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP), where fellow Billy Se-Yong Kim won the top place the year before.  “I didn’t have enough time to practice during the auditions. But now I am happy to focus on the vocal and dance training,” Lim said.

    Here’s a video of Sunu performing at the 2010 YAGP:


    EAs was the youngest and had the most innocent personality, Sunu was loved by the whole BETM staff.  He was also considered the most focused Billy. In an interview, Choreographer Chung said “He is so focused that he just absorbs everything we teach,” he adds, “he has easy-going personality and he always smiles. He doesn’t even complain about being exhausted.” Musical director Lee said “A year ago, when I first heard his voice, I thought he was a girl. I was worried as his voice was a bit weak but he practiced hard and now he sings the loudest.” xecutive Director Hwang described Sunu as “the Billy who has the most lovable characteristics that a kid can have,” he adds, “especially his facial expressions are worth million dollars.”

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