Meet Billy Elliot: Sakuya Kimura

    Note:  Sakuya Kimura’s final show as Billy in the Japanese production of Billy Elliot the Musical (BETM) was in Osaka on November 3, 2017.

    Debut: July 22, 2017 (Tokyo, Japan)

    Total Performances as Billy:  26 (No partial shows) 

    Sakuya Kimura was ten years old (D.O.B = 10-Aug-2006) when he debuted as Billy in the Japanese production of BETM, making him the youngest of the original Japanese Billys.  He lives in Tokyo.

    Before auditioning for BETM Sakuya was a hip-hop dancer, and had been taking classes in this dance style from the age of three.  He also has experience in acrobatics.  Sakuya only went to the BETM audition because his older brother, who is two years older than he is, was going to audition.

    The past year has been a challenge for Sakuya as he has had to learn how to do ballet.  When asked how he has grown over the past year he said that he couldn’t do ballet turns at all, but has gradually learned them little by little.

    Sakuya is enjoying the acting involved in playing the role, especially as he is getting to work with some veteran actors.  He said, “Theater’s completely different from real life; it’s fun to play around with different sorts of feelings.”

    Sakuya (second from left) with his fellow Billys when they met Adam Cooper (back). Adam played Billy as an adult in the original movie.

    Sakuya’s hopes for his performances as Billy are: “I want to play Billy in a way that makes the audience want to see him again.”  His favourite part of the show is performing Electricity.

    With his debut performance as Billy Elliot on 22-Jul-2017, he becomes the 204th actor to play the role worldwide.

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