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Two young men, making their debuts in the role of Billy Elliot, will lead the cast in the Neptune Theatre production of Billy Elliot The Musical.  They are Nathan Malolos and Lennox Blue Powell.

As the cast prepared to move from the rehearsal hall to the stage a couple of weeks before Opening Night, Nathan and Lennox are seen here telling prospective theatre goers a little about themselves:

Credit: Video by Neptune Theatre

The two Billys have bonded and become friends, both because of the role they share and with how they’ve worked together to learn the Geordi accent that the people of County Durham in Northern England where the story takes place.


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After the first week of shows, Director Webb posted this on his Twitter page:

“NOTHING but admiration for these two artists. They have worked SO hard. They’re amazing & both bring so much to the role of Billy Elliot. We are blessed. Nathan Malalos & Lennox Blue Powell ARE STARS!”

The Neptune Theatre Billys (l-r) Nathan Malolos & Lennox Blue Powell

Credit: Photo by Ryan Taplin


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