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A total of 16 boys played Billy on Broadway. Three of these actors subsequently left the Great White Way to star as Billy in another production of the show.

BatchelorThe first of these, Tommy Batchelor, was an original cast member of the Broadway show where he originated the role of Tall Boy/Posh Boy and also served as the understudy to the Billys.  He would go on to play Billy full-time on Broadway 82.5 times, beginning on 10-Feb-2009. He then originated the role in the Chicago production.

DameskiThe second Billy to star on Broadway and then move on to another production of the show is Michael Dameski.  Michael was one of three boys who first portrayed Billy in Australia and then came to America to star in US productions of the show. Having performed the role in Both Sydney and Melbourne, Michael debuted on Broadway on 31-Jan-2010, playing the role at the Imperial 57.5 times before going on to originate the role for the new North American Tour production.

Tade-BiesingerA third boy, Tade Biesinger, was a member of the final Billy rotation on Broadway on 8-Jan-2012 when the show closed. As a member of that final Billy Broadway cast, he performed throughout the show as the Billys shared the various scenes and musical numbers. Several months later he was asked to move to the London production to play Billy on the West End.

PfluegerOne more boy portrayed Billy on Broadway who was not a full-time Broadway Billy.  Though he is an American, he was officially a London Billy who came over to fill in for eight shows for Tommy Batchelor when the latter was out with an injury.  His name is Tanner Pflueger.

The Broadway production of Billy Elliot the Musical may have closed on January 8, 2012, but hopefully the memories created during the just over three years the show played on the Great White Way, of the terrifically talented boys who played the title role, will be preserved for posterity in the profiles contained on these pages.  Enjoy!


The Broadway Billy Profiles Index


The profiles below are of the 16 boys who played Billy on Broadway.  They are listed alphabetically by last name.  Just click on the name of a particular Billy to go to his profile.

David Alvarez Thumb Tommy Batchelor Thumb Giuseppe Bausilio Thumb2 Tade Biesinger Thumb4
Alvarez Batchelor Bausilio Biesinger
Jacob Clemente Thumb2 Michael Dameski Thumb2 Julian Elia Thumb2 Myles-Erlick-Thumb-Resize
Clemente  Dameski Elia Erlick
Joseph Harrington Thumb2 Alex Ko Thumb2 Trent Kowalik Thumb Kiril Kulish Thumb
Harrington Ko Kowalik Kulish 
Peter Mazurowski Thumb2 Pflueger Liam Redhead Thumb Dayton Tavares Thumb3
Mazurowski Pflueger  Redhead Tavares 


 Billy Timeline

The timeline, below, is a visual depiction of when the 15 full-time Broadway Billys graced the stage of the Imperial Theatre in NYC. It lets the viewer easily see who was in the Billy rotation at any given time. Note that the number above each name is each actor’s “Broadway Billy Number”, the order in which they debuted in NYC. That number should not be confused with their world-wide Billy Number, which is the order in which all Billys around the world have debuted, in all the different productions of the show. So the Broadway Billys will have two different numbers: their Broadway number (which is the one contained in this timeline) — and their world-wide Billy number. If that’s confusing, go here and you can easily see how the two numbers work:

Please note that the 16th boy who played Billy on Broadway was Tanner Pflueger. He is not depicted in the timeline as he was actually a London Billy who filled in for Tommy Batchelor for eight shows in May/June, 2009 and was not considered part of the regular rotation – thus having no Broadway Billy number.

 Broadway Billy Timeline

From the Site Administrator:  The staff of our site would like to acknowledge and thank the creator of the above timeline, Dan (last name withheld by request) for his work and for generously donating it to the site for publication.

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