Meet Billy Elliot: Ian González

    Note: Ian González’s final show as Billy in the Mexican touring production of Billy Elliot the Musical (BETM) was on August 11, 2018.

    Debut: February 11, 2017 (Mexico City)

    Total Performances as Billy:  75  (Includes two partial shows credited @.5 each)

    Ian González was 14 years old (D.O.B = 29-Oct-2002) when he debuted as Billy in the Mexican production of BETM in Mexico City.  He is from Aguascalientes and he studies dance at ProVer, Programa Profesional de Ballet, which is a ballet school for boys in Córdoba, Veracruz.  

    Ian is an experienced dancer, having been dancing for seven years.  His first audition for BETM Mexico was in February 2016 in Córdoba and he was then invited to an audition in March for a place at the Billy Elliot Academy.  Ian was not chosen at this audition, but the production held another audition later and Ian made it through this time.

    Ian (second from left) at his first audition

    From then onwards Ian trained at the Billy Elliot Academy with about 20 other potential Billys and Michaels, working on his dancing, acting, singing and acrobatics.  He learned that he had been chosen as one of the five original Mexican Billys in November 2016.

    Ian says that when he dances, “It’s an incredible joy, I feel adrenaline and I forget about everything else.”  His ambition when he is older is to be a principal dancer at the Royal Ballet.

    Ian rehearses “Dream Ballet”

    Ian’s first performance as Billy Elliot was on 11-Feb-2017, and with this debut he became the 186th young actor worldwide to play the role.

    After the Mexican production finished its run in Mexico City on 30-Dec-2017, Ian continued to play Billy as the production embarked on a tour around Mexico.  Ian’s 75th and final performance as Billy was on 11th August, 2018 on the last day of the tour.

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