The 300-seat auditorium at the Teatre Sala Cabanyes in Mataró, Spain

A production of Billy Elliot the Musical (BETM) will be presented from March 3 to April 15, 2018 at the Teatre Sala Cabanyes in Mataró, which is a city in the province of Barcelona in Spain.  This will be the second production of BETM that has been presented in Spain, as there is currently a production running in Madrid, although, unlike the Madrid production, the Mataró production will be performed in Catalan, not Spanish.

Sala Cabanyes was inaugurated in 1933, named in memory of Emili Cabanyes i Rabassa.  Since 1916 the Dramatic Society had been performing in a small and unsuitable space, so with the founding of the theatre they now have a proper place to perform.  Over the years work has been carried out to improve and update the performing space and the technical equipment used.  

These days a season of productions runs from October to June each year, with a selection of both plays and musicals.  Alongside Billy Elliot the Musical, other shows being presented in the 2017-18 season are Oleanna, Les Miserables, and Els Pastorets de Mataró, which has been performed in the Christmas season at this theatre every year for over a hundred years.

The Mataró production of BETM has been a long time in the making.  Auditions to find their Billys were held in October 2016, and the two boys chosen to play the lead have been training and rehearsing for the past year and a half.

The two young actors who will share the lead role of Billy in the Mataró production of BETM are Quim Font and Joan García.

The two Mataró Billys post with the director (l-r: Quim Font, Pere Vàzquez, Joan García)

To learn more about the Mataró Billys, click on the Billy Profiles button (below) to be taken to their detailed profiles. 
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