Tokyo & Osaka, Japan 2020

Cast Information

The Japanese production featured a large cast — 57 members in total — with most of the lead roles being double cast.  The lead role of Billy was shared by Shirabe Kawaguchi, Kairu Nakamura, Taichi Toshida and Denis Watanabe.

Back row l-r: Satoshi Hashimoto (Dad), Toru Masuoka (Dad), Reon Yuzuki (Mrs W), Kei Aran (Mrs W). Front row l-r (The Billys): Shirabe Kawaguchi, Taichi Toshida, Kairu Nakamura, Denis Watanabe.
Denis Watanabe as Billy with Reon Yuzuki as Mrs Wilkinson

The 2020 Japan cast perform “The Stars Look Down”

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