Meet Billy Elliot: Landon Brimacombe

    Note: Landon’s final show as Billy in the Croswell Opera House production of Billy Elliot the Musical (BETM) was on June 26, 2016.

    Debut:  June 12, 2016  (Croswell Opera House, Adrian, MI)

    Total Performances as Billy:  5 (No partial shows) 

    Landon Brimacombe Thumb2Landon Brimacombe was 11-years-old when he made his debut as Billy in the Croswell Opera House production of BETM.  He is from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

    Landon Brimacombe1
    Credit: Photo by Krista Campeau

    Landon has been performing in shows from a young age.  When asked what he likes about performing, he said that he enjoys “seeing how everything, the dancing and the singing and the acting all comes together to make a huge show.” Landon has performed in many productions with Young People’s Theater, including:

    • Workhouse Kid in Oliver! (2011)
    • Royal Prince in The King and I (2012)
    • Assistant Dog Catcher in Annie (2013)
    • Bishop in Shrek the Musical (2015) (see picture to the right)

    One of Landon’s most recent performances with Young People’s Theater was in May 2015, when he appeared in their production of Mary Poppins. He played the roles of a toy and a chimney sweep, and is shown in the latter role in the picture below:

    DAmmer-YPT-0515 358-L ResizeCredit: Photo by David Ammer

    Landon has also performed with Ann Arbor Civic Theater.  In 2013 he played the role of Gavroche in their production of Les Miserables, as is shown in the picture below: 

    1186175_10201271727929484_1991066002_n ResizeBETM will be Landon’s first show at the Croswell Opera House.  He attended weekly dance and fitness classes at the Croswell through January and February, before auditioning for the role in March.  Leading up to the opening of the show Landon has been rehearsing almost daily, and has also been eating healthily and doing lots of exercise in preparation for the role.  

    Landon says that he can relate to the character of Billy because “dancing is what we both love.”

    Upon his debut as Billy, Landon became the 148th actor to play the role worldwide.

    Landon 3 Resize
    Landon Brimacombe (Billy) dances Dream Ballet with Aidan Ziegler-Hansen (Older Billy)

    Credit: Photo by The Croswell Opera House


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