Meet Billy Elliot: Patchogue Theatre (NY)

    The 1200-seat Patchogue Theatre

    Beginning July 22 through August 8, 2015, the Gateway Playhouse presented a regional production of Billy Elliot The Musical (BETM) at its Patchogue Theatre on Long Island, New York.

    The cast contained many BETM veterans and was led by long time Billy Mitchell Tobin, who debuted with the North American Tour back in December of 2012. He has since starred as Billy in London and in the regional US productions at the La Mirada and Alex Theatres in California and most recently in the production at Music Theatre Wichita.

    Joining Mitchell in the Billy rotation at the Patchogue Theatre was Brandon Ranalli, who had previously served as Mitchell’s understudy in Wichita and then made his debut in the role on Long Island.

    In this video, done by the local Long Island TV show called My Long Island TV (MyLITV), the viewer gets a good sense of what the Gateway Playhouse production is a all about, including meeting some the the principal characters in the show there and it also contains some excellent production footage from the production.

    Credit: Video by MyLITV

    To learn more about the Patchogue Theatre Billys, click on the Billy Profiles button (below) to be taken to their detailed profiles. 
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    To see a complete listing of the rest of the Patchogue Theatre cast, just click on the Cast Information button.

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