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Cast Information

A production of Billy Elliot The Musical will take place at the Lyceum Stage Theatre in San Diego from May 28 to June 5, 2016.

The cast will be led by Luke Garbacz and Aaron Schueler, both of whom are making their debuts as Billy in the production.

The traditional cast list of actors displayed, along with the character they play in the show, was not available. Attempts to contact the theatre for a list went unanswered.  What follows, below, is an alphabetized list by last name. Where the character being played by an actor is known, the character name is in parenthesis.

Kahlia Canada (Debbie) Meghan McKenzie Erica Ramirez
Juliet Garbacz Alex Meeder Erik Ramirez (Tony)
Luke Garbacz (Billy) Angelica Montiel Hanna Roby
Matthew Garbacz (Michael) Lauren Muehl Aaron Schueler (Billy)
Ed Hollingsworth Ian Myers Julia Van Skike
Jilian Jackson (Dead Mum) Ryan Ortega Isabella Walther-Meade
Jameson Johnston Isabella Pruter Mimi Weisenberg
Lexi Maltzman (Susan Parks) Seth Raffee (Michael) Kaylee Winningham (Debbie)

The Ensemble roles of the miners and police in the show will be played by members of the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus. They are listed in the table below alphabetically by last name.

Jay Bryant Ryan Nickell
David Elizey Phil Ouellette
Jason Ensign David Pierce
Michael Harrison Thomas B. Sanderson II
Robert Horlick Axl Vogt


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