Cast Information

In the Hungarian production of BETM, all the major adult and child roles were double or triple cast, and they performed on a rotating basis.  Some of the most popular stage actors in Hungary performed in the production.

In addition to the actors listed in the charts below, 29 girls aged 9 to 12 also featured as the ballet girls in the production, though their names are not available. The show also included some of the soloists of the Hungarian National Ballet, the dance ensemble and the orchestra of the production, as well as the Chorus and the Children’s Choir of the Hungarian State Opera.

Leading the cast of the fourth season of BETM as Billy Elliot were Levente Puczkó-SmithDávid Halász and Torda Vass.

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Budapest - Shine
Nikolett Gallusz (Mrs Wilkinson), Kamill Kökény-Hámori (Billy) and the Ballet Girls perform “Shine”

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Budapest - Miners
The Miners sing “Once We Were Kings” with Kamill Kökény-Hámori as Billy

Swan Lake Dancers

In the Budapest production of BETM there was a Swan Lake sequence that appeared as an extension of the Dream Ballet dance.  Some dancers were used just for this section. Their roles and names are listed below.

Budapest - Swan Lake
The Prince and Odette in the “Swan Lake” dance

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Full Cast2
The original cast of the Budapest production of BETM

 Credit: Photo by Pályi Zsófia

Note: Production photos on this page are by Mary Burit

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