Meet Billy Elliot: London


    Cast Information

    The Billys

    The 3 Original Billys and Elton John
    The 3 Original Billys and Elton John (l-r James Lomas, George Maguire, John, and Liam Mower)

    Supporting Cast

    Liam Mower (original London Billy) and Ann Emery (original London Grandma) in Grandma’s Song:

    Credit: Video by LittlEAciD

    Tall Boys

    Small Boys

    Ballet Girls


    Note: Past Casts of Ballet Girls have been divided into six charts. If you’re looking for a particular group, the legend is as follows:

    P-1 = Fall, 2005 to Fall, 2007

    P-2 = Fall 2007 to Fall, 2009

    P-3 = Fall 2009 to Fall, 2011

    P-4 = Fall, 2011 to Fall, 2013

    P-5 = Fall, 2013 to Spring, 2015

    P-6 = Spring, 2015 to Fall, 2015


    Note: Past Ensemble Casts have been divided into two charts. If you’re looking for a particular group, the legend is as follows:

    P-1 = Leave Dates: December, 2005 to November, 2011

    P-2 = Leave Dates: January, 2012 to May, 2015


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    1. John,

      Record keeping in the earlier days of the show was very haphazard if it existed at all. At the original Billy Elliot Forum, there may have been records kept from 2005 to early 2009, but if any such information did exist it was lost when that Forum shut down. The current Forum has information from 2010 on, but mainly the Billys, Michaels and Debbies were reported (although there are gaps in that information as well.)

      Given the above as background, here’s what I can share with you:

      October 18, 2007: The Billy was Corey Snide. No other information on the child cast was reported. The adult cast principal roles were generally single cast. You can go to the following link and look up who was playing those roles at the time of this show:

      July 21, 2010 (Matinee): Billy was played by Aaron Watson, Michael by Jake Pratt and Debbie by Francesca Mango. No other information on child cast performers for this show was reported and no adult understudies were reported for this show, so you can again go to the above link to look up who of the adult cast would have been playing the principal roles at the time of this show.

      Sorry I couldn’t be any more specific than this. Good luck!

      Gary (porschesrule)

    2. Hi Tom,

      You can find the current London show count here: The count at the end of January, 2016 can be found at the bottom of that chart in the monthly summary. Please note that this count is the actual number of shows presented with a paid audience. I’ve found it’s a few off from what the BETM company has announced in the past as it is their practice (and may very well be the practice of the West End as a whole) to count all scheduled shows, even if they are cancelled and not actually presented. There have been several of those over the years. But the number shown will get you close. Hope that helps.

      Gary (porschesrule)

      P.S. The method of counting we use at the BE Forum directly ties the number of shows performed by all of the Billys in London (42 to date) to the total number of show count that I cited above. In other words, if you added up all the Billy performances, it will add up to the total number of shows. Of course, the “official” London number they give won’t do that as you can’t give credit to a Billy for a show performed if the show didn’t actually take place :p All the information on London Billy performance tracking can be found at

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