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    Cast Information

    The traditional cast list of actors displayed, along with the character they play in the show, was not available. Attempts to contact the theatre for a list went unanswered.  What follows, below, is an alphabetized list by last name, gleaned from various unofficial sources. Where the character being played by an actor is known, the character name is in parenthesis.

    Our apologies for omitting any cast member from this list, but without a public posting of cast by the Palace Theatre organization, this is the very best possible.

    Christine Negherbon (Mrs. W) Elsa Gustafson (Ballet Girl) Megan Rae
    AJ Ackleson Joe Hager (Big Davey) Hailey Ramundo (Debbie)
    Jenna Bienvenue (Sharon Percy) Trey Harrington (Tony) Kyle Reynolds
    Tessa Bigelow (Ballet Girl) Billy Hartery (George) Jonny Rouse
    Shane Boucher (Michael) Eric Higgins Benjamin Rowan
    Megan Bussiere (Dead Mum) Shane Hurst Michael Santora
    Andrea Cashin (Karen Davidson) Layne Kunce (Older Billy) Lynn Savage
    Rachel Castle Jamie Mann (Billy) Kerry Scheider (Grandma)
    Debbie Callahan Ellis Parker MacIntyre Phil Sloves (Mr. Braithwaite)
    Sydney Ellis (Ballet Girl) Brandon  Martin Lindsay Snow
    Rachel Ferretti Peter Murphy* (Tall Boy) Sophia Stanganelli (Ballet Girl)
    Cameron Fitzpatrick Mark Nichols (Dad) Corinn Szostkiewicz (Keeley Gibson)
    Joey Gold (Ballet Girl) Garrett Olsen Emily Twitchell (Ballet Girl)
    Luke Gold (Small Boy)  Lori Larson Olsen Mari Angelica Twitchell
      Megan Quinn (Lesley)  


    *Understudy for Billy and Michael 

    The Youth Cast Introduced (Unfortunately 

Not By Name)
    Billy Elliot” local youth cast members: Top Row from left: Sydney Ellis, Joey Gold, Jenna Bienvenue, Peter Murphy, Parker MacIntyre, Corinn Szostkiewicz, Sophia Stanganelli, Elsa Gustafson Middle row, from left: Cameron Fitzpatrick, Luke Gold. Bottom Row, from left: Kyle Reynolds, Andrea Cashin, Hailey Ramundo, Emily Twitchell, Tessa Bigelow, Garrett Olsen, Shane Boucher.
    Adult Cast Resize
    Jamie Mann (Billy) and members of the Adult Cast (l-r: Phil Sloves, Benjamin Rowan, Layne Kunce, Unknown Female, Joe Hager, Megan Bussiere, Michael Santora, Kerry Scheider, AJ Ackleson and Shane Hurst)


    Credit: Photos on this page by Palace Theatre 

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