Meet Billy Elliot: Phoenix Performing Arts Centre

 Phoenix Performing Arts Centre

Cast Information

A cast of 33 will present Billy Elliot The Musical.  It will be led by 11-year-old Tylor Berrini, a veteran performer in the Duryea, PA area, but a newbie in the lead role of Billy Elliot in this production.

Billy (Tylor Berrini) and Michael (Jacob Bianchi) in “Expressing Yourself”

Mrs. Wilkinson (Sherry Kaproth) gives Billy (Tylor Berrini) a few pointers as Mr. Braithwaite (Colin Casey) studies a newspaper.

Billy (Tylor Berrini), Mrs. Wilkinson (Sherry Kapoth) and the Ballet Girls

The Cast of BETM at Phoenix PAC

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