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Billy Biographical Information

On March 3, 2010, the original four boys who were chosen to play Billy were announced in Seoul. A 5th Billy was later added to the Seoul rotation for 2011.  The boys who played Billy in Seoul were Ji-Myung Lee, Jin-ho Jung, Sunu Lim, Se-Yong Kim and Joon-hyung Park.

Who were these talented young men and how did they come to play the role of Billy?  Here are their profiles:


The South Korean Billy Profiles Index


The profiles below are of the five boys who played Billy in the Seoul production of the show — all of whom finished their Billy careers in the Seoul version of the musical.  They are listed alphabetically by last name.  

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Jin-ho Jung Se-yong Kim Ji-myung Lee Thumb Sunu-Lim-Thumb Joon-hyung-Park-Thumb


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