Meet Billy Elliot: The Croswell Opera House (Adrian, MI)

    Croswell Opera House (Adrian, MI) 

    Cast Information

    A production of Billy Elliot the Musical took place at the Croswell Opera House in Adrian, MI, from June 11-26, 2016.

    Leading the cast were two young actors, both new to the role of Billy.  They are Landon Brimacombe and Cole Carrico.

    Landon 2 Resize
    Landon Brimacombe (Billy) and Gabe Omlor (Michael) perform Express Yourself
    Cole Carrico (Billy), Erin Yuen (Mrs Wilkinson) and the Ballet Girls

    First Curtain Call - Opening Night
    First Curtain Call – Opening Night

    Note: Production photos are by the Croswell Opera House

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