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1st Night Debbie (Evie Martin), Billy (Lewis Smallman) and Michael (Samuel Torpey)

Credit: Photo by BillyElliotUK

Note: The role of Small Boy was played by one of the Ballet Girls, on a rotating basis, at each performance.  The role of Tall Boy/Posh Boy was played by a standby Billy or Michael at each performance.

Scott Garnham (Tony) with Martin Walsh (Dad) and the Ensemble in rehearsal prior to the production’s opening in Plymouth —- Credit: Photo by Jonny Ruff

Ballet Girls

For most of the Tour, there were three teams of Ballet Girls, with each team being named for one of the Northeast mining communities.

The “Original” teams were labelled Ashington, Blyth & Cramlington.  In June of 2016, though the majority of the original Ballet Girls continued in the show, the teams were re-configured and some slight changes to roles within the teams were made. This second set of teams is shown below as “Past Cast 1” and the teams were labelled Darlington, Easington & Ferryhill.

In October of 2016, new girls debuted while some of the girls from the Original and Past Cast 1 teams continued in the show, but were redistributed among the three new teams.  This group is shown below as “Past Cast 2” and the teams were labelled Gareston, Hebburn & Iveston.

For most of the Tour, the three teams alternated, doing all the shows every 3rd week and having the other two weeks off.

Beginning in May of 2017 with the Liverpool Tour stop, the number of Ballet Girl teams was reduced to two for the duration of the Tour. There were no new girls added, with the two remaining teams reorganized. The team names were Jarrow and Kelloe and that chart has been labelled “Final Cast”. 

On all the charts, the girls are listed by team and by the character they played in the show. They are truly the “unsung heroes” of BETM and we’re so happy to be able to give them the recognition this way — the only place, to our knowledge,(including on the Tour’s official website) that each girl is listed by character/team. 

Curtain Call on Night of 1st Preview
Curtain Call on Night of 1st Preview

Credit: Photo by Lynn Lestrange

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