North American Tour/Brazil

Billy Biographical Information

This article contains profiles of the young actors who played the role of Billy on Tour.

To view a profile in the index below, click on the actor’s name below his picture.


The North American Tour Billy Profiles Index


 Note: This index is in alphabetical order by the  last name of each actor. 

Giuseppe Bausilio Thumb2 Ben Cook Thumb6 Dameski Forhan_Ty Thumb2
Bausilio Cook Dameski Forhan
Ethan Fuller Thumb Kylend Hetherington Thumb4 Lex  Ishimoto Thumb Zach Manske Thumb2
Fuller Hetherington Ishimoto Manske
Drew Minard Thumb4 Noah-Parets Thumb4 Daniel Russell Thumb Mitchell Tobin Thumb7
Minard Parets  Russell Tobin

The timeline, below, is a visual depiction of when the 13 North American Tour Billys appeared in the show. It lets the viewer easily see who was in the Billy rotation at any given time. Note that the number above each name is each actor’s “Tour Billy Number”, the order in which they debuted in in the Tour cast. That number should not be confused with their world-wide Billy Number, which is the order in which all Billys around the world have debuted, in all the different productions of the show.  If that’s confusing, go here and you can easily see how the two numbers work: 

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