Teatro Sistina in Rome

The 1,197 seat Teatro Sistina was the first home of Billy Elliot The Musical in Rome, Italy — May 5-24, 2015. The show was presented 20 times in that time frame, directed by Massimo Romeo Piparo and produced by Peep Arrow Entertainment.  After a summer break, the show did another 18 performances at the Teatro Sistina, October 1-18, 2015 before embarking on a multi-city Italian Tour.  The tour ended in Sassari on February 7, 2016, bringing the total number of performances in Italy to 119. 

Alessandro Frola as Billy Elliot

The cast was led by 14-year-old Alessandro Frola (and, for the May segment of the production only, 11-year-old Simone Romualdi) as Billy Elliot. From November 7, 2015 until the end of the first Italian tour, a third Billy began occasionally performing in the title role: 14-year-old Christian Roberto, who originated the role of Michael in the Italian production.

In November 2015, several members of the child cast appeared at the fifty-eighth Zecchino d’Oro which was held in Bologna.  This is a video of that appearance, aired on by RAI live in Eurovision, and broadcast worldwide.  It features (l-r as the video begins): Arcangelo Ciulla (Tall Boy/Michael), Alessandro Frola (Billy) and Christian Roberto (Michael/Billy) and the Ballet Girls:

Credit: Video by RAI

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The Italian company released this promotional video for the show:

Credit: Video by Teatro Sistina

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A second Italian Tour of Billy Elliot the Musical (BETM) will begin on January 26, 2017 in Ancona.  The tour will visit 23 venues, ending in Sorrento on April 26, 2017.  One of the tour stops is in Lugano in the Italian part of Switzerland, and this will be the first time that BETM has ever been performed in Switzerland.

For a complete itinerary of the Second Italian Tour, go here.

The adult cast for this production is essentially the same as the cast which toured Italy in 2015/16, with just a few minor changes.

Leading the cast as Billy Elliot will be an actor new to the role.  He is Arcangelo Ciulla, who played Tall Boy and was understudy Michael in the first Italian Tour.

Here’s a promotional video for this production, featuring footage from the first performance of the tour:

Credit: Video by PeepArrow 

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 Rome and the Italian Tour

Billy Biographical Information

Arcangelo Ciulla currently leads the Italian Tour cast as Billy.

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Rome and the Italian Tour 

Cast Information

For the Second Italian Tour the cast is led by Arcangelo Ciulla in the title role.  To see who is in the rest of the cast and who performed previously in Rome and on the First Italian Tour, click on the charts below: