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    Perhaps the most important information to be found on this site is a complete and accurate listing of all productions of BETM, from its beginning in London in 2005, to the present. To the right of the picture is a description of what's contained in each category in this section. And, by clicking on a button (below) "Current", "Future" or "Past", you'll be taken to a listing of productions in that category.

    Current Billy Productions

    This section contains information about all professional, regional and community theatre productions of BETM currently playing around the world. Click here to see what we’ve written about them.

    Meet Billy Elliot: Firehouse Center for the Arts (Newburyport, MA)

    The Firehouse Center for the Arts is presenting a production of Billy Elliot The Musical at its theatre in Newburyport, MA, from August 9-25, 2019.

    Meet Billy Elliot: Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance (NC)

    Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, presents a regional production of Billy Elliot the Musical from August 9-18, 2019.

    Meet Billy Elliot: Woodminster Summer Musicals (Oakland, CA)

    The Woodminster Amphitheatre, will be the home of Billy Elliot The Musical in Oakland, California from Aug 1-11, 2019, presented by Woodminster Summer Musicals.

    Billy Profiles

    There is no question that the boys who play Billy are a very large part of the success of this show across the world.  How talented and determined to perform at a high level of excellence they are is captured in this quote by Matthew Seadon-Young, who played Tony in the London production of the show.


    The “Profiles of the Billys” section of the site features bios of the boys who are currently in the role or have played Billy in a professional, regional or community theater production of the show in the past all around the world, since the first production of the show opened in London in 2005.

    Meet Billy Elliot: Emma Schupner

    Emma Schupner will be appearing as Billy in Billy Elliot the Musical in Cornwall, New York, presented by Theatre on Main Street, from Nov 10-19, 2023.

    Meet Billy Elliot: Fergus Paterson

    Fergus Paterson will be appearing as Billy in Free Rain Theatre Company's production of Billy Elliot the Musical in Canberra, Australia, from Apr 9 to May 5, 2024.

    Meet Billy Elliot: Lewis Nicholson

    Lewis Nicholson debuts as Billy in The Very Popular Theatre Company's production of Billy Elliot the Musical in Newcastle, Australia, from Oct 7-21, 2023.

    Meet Billy Elliot: Hugo Lloyd

    Hugo Lloyd debuts as Billy in Billy Elliot the Musical in Ithaca, New York, presented by Hangar Theatre, from July 6-15, 2023.

    Meet Billy Elliot: Harrison Smith

    Harrison Smith debuts as Billy in Billy Elliot the Musical at The Star Gold Coast (Australia) from Jul 6-Aug 13, 2023.

    Billy Elliot General Information

    Included in this section is an orientation to the show itself: how it started, its history and a synopsis of the show. Just click on the title of any article to be taken to it.

    Billy Elliot the Musical at

    The BETM section of this site contains several articles continually updated to provide the most current info on the show. Here is a list of those articles.

    Where Do All the Billys Come From?

    How has the Billy Elliot the Musical creative team come up with all the super talented boys to play the part of Billy. This article summarizes how the Billys are identified and trained for the role.

    Billy Reference Information

    Included in this section is a detailed synopsis of the show itself, with content aimed at readers who will be attending a live production of the musical for the first time and/or people who have seen the show but have a question about a production number or scene from the show (s) that they saw.

    Tracking the Billys

    Or perhaps you want to know which Billy performed on a certain date in a certain production or how many total performances each Billy had (“Billy Elliot The Musical: Tracking the Billys”)?


    Or are you curious about the order of debut of the Billys worldwide (“When Did The Billys Debut?”)?

    Cast Information

    Would you like to see at a glance who played a particular role in any current or past production of the musical since London in 2005 (“Billy Elliot The Musical: Cast Information”)?